Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving Back In

Once the floors were stripped and oiled it was time to move in. Bench and tool arrangement were strictly trial and error, though I rehashed layouts in my mind endlessly.

I built this continental bench to Tage Frid's plans in FWW over 25 years ago; this is its 4th location. It used to stand on the wall to the right but its small size fits perfectly here on the northwest wall.

Crosscut saws, try squares and scrapers find a new home.

Joinery saws and moulding planes fit here well.

More moulding planes

A mix of new and vintage mortise chisels.

Ripsaws and my "moaning chair". Traditional boatshops typically have a place to sit to contemplate progress or, more commonly, mistakes, hence the name "moaning chair".

More storage, auger bits, gimlets, eggbeaters, etc.

This is my main bench, a Chris Schwarz Roubo built of ash (top) and white oak (legs). I will certainly post more about this beast later.



  1. Looking good! I really like the way you've hung and organized your tools. Very reminiscent of the Anthony Hay shop. The clock is a nice touch also.

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